Black Chevron Cashmere Scarf
Black Chevron Cashmere Scarf
Honest Cashmeres

Black Chevron Cashmere Scarf

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Black chevron cashmere scarf by Honest Cashmeres.

Hand Woven in an authentic Kashmir design with self fringe at each end. Hand dyed in a black chevron finish.

Produced in Kashmir, India

2m x 1m x 1 mm


100% high grade pure Cashmere Wool, combed from the high altitude Changra of Ladakh in Kashmir.

Dry clean or hand wash in cold water. Hang dry away from sun. Iron on low heat. 


About Honest Cashmeres

Honest Cashmeres does just what it says on the tin. Founded by Luke McGowan, Honest Cashmeres curates ethically made, luxury cashmere scarves from the mountains in Ladakh, Kashmir.