People Over Profit
We believe people are the real treasure. We know our artisan partners around the globe are capable of creating beautiful pieces, but their stories and lives are what we value most. That’s why we work to provide the right tools to help them grow organically and a global marketplace that helps generate a sustainable income.

Quality Over Speed
We believe our customers deserve quality, fashionable pieces, so we look to handcraft items that value both our artisans and the customers enjoying them. That’s why we are committed to curating and creating high-quality, timeless products from different parts of the world, rather than following the demands of fast fashion, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and artistic expression.

Progress Over Perfection
We recognize that from seed to consumer, each artisan we partner with is on a different journey of supply chain transparency. That’s why we commit to aiding each artisan in the transformation of their supply chain at every level, empowering them to become more ethical, sustainable, and transparent over time.